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Shaan Baig

Researcher. Speaker. Entrepreneur.




Shaan Baig is a 22-year-old graduate student at the University of Oxford studying Clinical Neuroscience. He is an American-Canadian student researcher, entrepreneur and speaker.


He is the CEO/Founder of SB Innovations, a research and development company focused on creating novel solutions for the worlds most pressing issues. What simply started out as science fair projects, lead to Shaan selecting an urgent global issue each year to develop a low-cost, sustainable solution for. This includes his novel work on Alzheimer’s disease early detection and treatment, his innovations of the anti-concussion helmet, cancer sensor strip, alternative prostate cancer treatment and more. He has worked with top institutes such as McGill University, Harvard University, Montreal Neurological Institute, Bauer, McGill University Health Centre and more. For his work, he has been named a 2020 Global Teen Leader by WAFF.

Shaan is also Founder/President of a non-profit, Young Scientists & Innovators, committed to inspiring, empowering and promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) to youth around the world. YSI is helping teenagers discover their untapped potential in STEM and provides the tools necessary to turn their ideas into reality.  


Additionally, he has been invited to speak at TEDx, the United Nations and has spoken at universities and conferences around the world. His internationally-recognized scientific research has been presented and awarded top honours at the Canada-Wide Science Fair, Sanofi Biogenius Canada, Expo-Sciences International in Abu Dhabi, Taiwan International Science Fair, Google Science Fair and the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair where he won 3rd place and the Patent and Trademark Office Society Award. Most recently, Shaan was awarded the Young Scientist Award (best in fair) at the Taiwan International Science Fair.


Overwhelmingly, Shaan is your average Gen Zer optimistic for the future, trying to balance it all and pursuing his passions.



Shaan is able to speak on his personal journey as a young researcher/entrepreneur, the importance of youth in STEM and on his various projects.


Shaan is available for consult on research and development projects, youth engagement in STEM and outreach efforts.


Shaan is passionate about empowering youth, guiding research projects and is happy to advise/mentor/tutor where possible. 



Use the contact form below or email for any inquiries -- press, interested in the services or if you have any questions.

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